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Build Log: Grumman C2A GreyHound

Warm greetings to everyone!

I recently found myself craving to build a twin aircraft and planned a new build "Grumman C2A Greyhound" for the upcoming vacations. It would be twin electric built with mostly EPS foam. Since there is still some time for the vacations to start, I started to design the plans.
I don't have solid specs (Wing Span etc) for this build at the moment but will soon fix on to some figures as I progress through the design.

Meanwhile, Check below snapshots:






EDIT: Design still in progress. More snaps to follow later.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions are always welcome. :D



Biplane Guy
Nice! I got to sit in a greyhound at Oshkosh last year, really made me appreciate the airplane more. It's a very capable aircraft that (IMHO) looks very good.