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Building a EPP Slofly type plane from plans


Im putting together a guide to help you build and fly a EPP type 3D Plane from the plans you can download on the forum

So here are we go with the pictures!

Step 1. print all the pages of the plans and tape them together

You can cut out sections of the plans and then tape them over the foam so you can cut out the different parts

Go slow this is not a race and make sure you use brand new #11 blades I change my blade after cutting out just the wings and the fuse! the foam makes them dual real fast


Use a Medal Ruler when you can to make sure your cuts are straight

Repeat until all parts are cut out
(remember go slow and be careful)

Test fit the parts as you cut them out to make sure parts fit as you go.

Cut a bevel on the control services.
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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Very nice stuff you did there :D

I tried to build one a few weeks ago and failed :/

But you seem to have used the right materials and also the patience to cut exactly which both I didn´t have :D


Rotor Riot!
This is just plane awesome! (pun intended)

I am currently wanting to build a plane I saw in FMS, I'll post about it later.


Rotor Riot!
So, is this strongly an intermediate-advanced plane? Or can a beginner fly it as well? I mean because I need something small...

Parts list?


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
You know those things are extremely pitchy on all axes so only with a high exponential setting flyable for a beginner I´d say.

It would be alright to go for for an intermediate-advanced plane because once you´ve mastered all the theory etc. you should be able to handle one. I flew one that I had built from home about 2 months ago and did a terrible mistake: I used CA glue with foam. They don´t like each other at all and the foam was etched away after a while.

So my whole structure was unstable which you don´t want them to be. Even though there aren´t any big forces acting on them because the fly so slow you´ll still need a couple of carbon rods.

Then a simple setup should look like this:
2212 19g
350-450 sometimes even 500 mah 2S lipos
3x5g servos
and possibly a light weight receiver

Then you´ll need as said carbon rods to make pushrods etc. And maybe extension cables for the servos to solder on without the connectors so you won´t add too much weight with them.

For further nice plans look here:

F3P Plans (Thats the type of planes; F3P)
You can download the free plans on my site for all 3 versions of this plane.

the slofly22
the SLofly28
the Superslo28

Note the Superslo28 is the trainer, the slofly28 is the next plane you should build once you master the skills and then when you want to speed it all up and are fast on the sticks go with the 22"

Superslo28 video

Slofly28" Video

Slofly22" Video
Tips about foam planes that will make you a better pilot faster!

1. Build you plane as light as you can.
2. make sure your props are balanced
3. use the correct battery (25-30c) 350-400mah on these small planes is the way to go.
4. finding the correct CG. Use the battery location to adjust for best flying.
5. use a computer type radio that has dual rates and servo adjustments
6. practice on a sim does make learning faster
7. get yourself a good charger so your battery packs are fully charged and balanced
8. have fun.