Building with Dollar tree foam board (DTFB)


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Hey all. I’m another new guy and I’m here with a seemingly simple question but I’m pretty stumped.

I am trying to print the ft22 plans out and use DTFB but I’m having a heck of a time getting them to line up so I can cut them out.

My question is: are the ft plans properly scaled to work on DTFB and if not. Does anyone know what I can do to make it work on DTFB.



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Yup, they’re made for DTFB or the Flite Test Foam Board. Both are 20x30”.

Print from Adobe Acrobat, not from your browser. In the Acrobat print dialog, be sure to choose 100% or “Actual Size”.


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The plans come in two formats, one is for a larger format printer, like found in a print shop. The other is made for a regular consumer printer. You will need to tape the pages together to make your plans.

Also check the measuering scale with a ruler. You may need to adjust the print scale slightly.