Building first quad - am poor at soldering - recommend a PDB / FC pair or combo ?


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Am looking to choose these two key components.

Would like to do as little soldering as possible - for fear of destroying electronics with excess heat.

Most online stores I have checked have a suprisingly small selection of these things.

Can anyone recommend a good place to shop or some pre-soldered boards?




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If you’re looking for something to practice on, just tear open some old, broken electrical components you have laying around.


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I was pretty poor at soldering too but its a really valuable this to pick up. Practice on some old thrift electronics. Make sure to get a good soldering iron. Here are two with adjustable temp and one has multiple heads to use.

Also finding what process works for you helps. Preparing the wires and pads with solder and then just heating them together works best for me. Best of luck!