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quad build

  1. T

    Additional source for DIY Drone Racer Kits

    Hello All! We have started a new source for DIY drone Kits. While the drone hobby might have dropped a bit, we feel some of this may have been due to finding information on how to correctly assemble them. Our approach is a bit different in the sense that we provide written as well as video...
  2. Andrea

    3D Printed Quadcopter V 1.0

    Hi, I'm printing my first quadcopter, I drawn all the stuff and now is under printing process, I choose orange for my first try: This is the render that i've made: I 'll keep this post updated as soon i finish to print some parts. I'm now looking for the Esc because there is not so much room...
  3. ItMightFly

    Looking For FC

    Hey guys! So I have (on accident) bought a SPRacing F3 clone board, and it is very unreliable, very... Ive been looking around the web for a cheap, but realiable, Beta-flight board. I have found a bunch, but very few support Spektrum. The one I found...
  4. S

    Building first quad - am poor at soldering - recommend a PDB / FC pair or combo ?

    Greetings. Am looking to choose these two key components. Would like to do as little soldering as possible - for fear of destroying electronics with excess heat. Most online stores I have checked have a suprisingly small selection of these things. Can anyone recommend a good place to shop or...