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flight controller

  1. OneCupOfCoffee204

    Help! Need help with wiring up an FC

    After reading about this thing called a Flight Controller I was anxious to see that if I could incorporate one into my project. It can do some remarkable things like Go Home and Self Stabilization for beginners. The only problem is, it came with minimal instructions on how to wire it all up. If...
  2. K

    What 'flight' controller for open water swimming?

    The idea here is to develop a device to 'flight' control a swimmer via haptic feedback. This is to solve a problem that it can be very difficult to keep on track to a distant target, such as a point on an opposite shoreline across a tidal inlet. Freestyle swimming is pretty much blind and I've...
  3. O

    Receiver to flight controller issue

    Hi there! I'm new to this and have never posted on any forums before so... have mercy! I've never flown or built an fpv quad or any rc things before. I'm dying to do it though! And determined to do so. I'm building an fpv race quad, for the first time, following this guide: I'm using the...
  4. ulaskayalar

    FS-T6 with Naza M Lite

    Hello, I have the FS-T6 radio. I want to buy Naza M Lite, for my quadrocopter. I found very few sources on the Internet. How can I install, is this possible?
  5. Power_Broker

    Arduino Scratch Build - "Screamin' Seagull II"

    Welcome to my build log for my next Arduino controlled RC scratch built airplane! Much of this project is going to be based off of work (especially in terms of software) found in my previous build log here. After my *very* successful test flight with my last Arduino plane, I've decided to...
  6. FlyinLow

    Help! F3 femto FC on gremlin setup

    Hey everyone, I need some help with my F3 femto flight controller on my gremlin. I first built my gremlin a couple months back and after many flights and crashes it was time for me to replace the f3 femto FC. So I ordered a hole brand new micro power pack that comes with new motors, ESCs, and f3...
  7. T

    Minor crash and now my quad gets no input.

    So I powerlooped on an extremely flat battery (stupid) and couldn't pull out, so I plopped down relatively lightly in the grass. I didn't lose telemetry (lua, voltage, ex.), but the fc is getting no sbus signal. Connections are all good. I tried a different receiver, no luck. I also tried to...
  8. ItMightFly

    Looking For FC

    Hey guys! So I have (on accident) bought a SPRacing F3 clone board, and it is very unreliable, very... Ive been looking around the web for a cheap, but realiable, Beta-flight board. I have found a bunch, but very few support Spektrum. The one I found...
  9. S

    Building first quad - am poor at soldering - recommend a PDB / FC pair or combo ?

    Greetings. Am looking to choose these two key components. Would like to do as little soldering as possible - for fear of destroying electronics with excess heat. Most online stores I have checked have a suprisingly small selection of these things. Can anyone recommend a good place to shop or...
  10. J

    Naza Lite ESC/receiver

    My brother picked up parts from an engineering class at UCI. 2300KV cobra motors, props, and a naza lite flight controller. Apparently, the naza lite is powered by the PMU, so I was wondering if I get 30 amp simonk esc with BEC, can it power the FC or are all the positive wires that go in the FC...
  11. FrostyDave

    Missing Some Key Components

    I had a blast at the first Flite Fest in Florida. I brought my Eachine Goggles Two so I could experience my first race the right way. I loved the feeling of a 5 inch quad over my Tiny Whoops. I'm ahead of the game in that I've already got a TBS Tango, goggles, an original Chameleon frame...
  12. Tyson Haslam

    Need an FC

    Hey guys, I started with a Naze32 knockoff (bad idea) and could not get it to work no matter how hard I tried. I then got an SP racing F3 the was legit, and that fried somehow. I happened to accidentally order an SPF3 knockoff, and that worked until a bad crash. The power light wouldn't turn on...
  13. F

    Total noob. Help me!!?

    I'm pretty new at building. I fried my brand new Holybro Kakute FC because I'm using a horrible soldering iron and no flux. My motors are are trash too. I just gave them to a friend. Botgrinder has been giving me advice and helping me with betaflight but I can't keep my quad in the air because...
  14. Tyson Haslam

    It all works... except the darn FC

    Hey Flite Test family! I haven't been flying for too long, maybe about three months now, and have really enjoyed the hobby so far. I have a working (for the most part) kwad that I've put together myself. I have a couple flights in the records, most of them LOS, and only a couple FPV. It took me...
  15. Q

    The drone of a Drone

    Hey everyone, I am fairly new to drones & quad copters.. I started flying Mini 3 and 4 channel RC Heli's around my office a couple years ago. The batteries all died and they stopped working. After about a year the itch came back when I saw one of Steel's FPV Acro videos. My first venture...
  16. K

    FC Receiver Wiring Help Needed

    Hello everyone, I am building my first quad and i am having trouble connecting my receiver. So I have a SP Racing F3 V1 Flight controller and I don't know where i should wire my FrySky XSR Receiver? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -King Kwad
  17. D

    SPF3 FC Arming Issue! Halp!!!

    Hey guys / gals! I recently swapped out some parts on my Wizard 220mm frame and am running into an arming issue. I have had a dozen successful flights prior to this and it has me puzzled. I can flash, calibrate my esc's and RC no problem in BetaFlight. While plugged into the USB and on battery...
  18. D

    Need choosing flight replacement stack for 90mm self built Quad

    Hi, I built the Quad bellow but I need a new flight stack for it, the one I have is running 20A ESC but and keeps crashing (i mean the software locking up not my flying!) It was cheap and as I can now tell nasty. The quad is 90mm, weights about 150 grams, I looking to run 3s batteries and...
  19. J

    I need help finding a Flight Controller

    Hi, guys! im new to the flight test forums (although not new to forums in general) but i hear that this is the place to be. I need help finding a flight controller that is compatible with a drone design i am looking to build. Actually, any suggestions would be great, i had a versa-copter but i...
  20. C


    Deluxe F3 Flight Controller With Built-In OSD Turnigy TGY-IA6B V2 Receiver 6CH 2.4G AFHDS 2A Telemetry Receiver W/SBUS I got this from a friend for free because he didn't use them and this is my first build and I was wondering if anyone knew a video or could make one showing me how to get osd...