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Building the Stout Trainer

This thread is for sharing progress, comments and suggestions on building Stout Trainer. I posted an article on the design on 11-08-15.

This design is a 60" span high wing medium to advanced aerobatic trainer. It looks like this:

SAM_2467.JPG SAM_2470.JPG

I have received comments from a couple of members who are currently building.

Thanks to jalkin for suggesting a change in the Building Sequence. He is building the Stout trainer and ran into an akward situation. I had placed installing part G ahead of parts H (X4) which made the smaller parts hard to install. I have revised the Building Sequence to correct that problem.

Here are a couple of shots showing the parts in question:

SAM_2453.JPG SAM_2454.JPG

The small pieces attached to the ramp in the center of the picture are parts "H". They receive and guide the back end ot the power pod to position it and keep it centered. G is the lid of the space. I had placed installation of G ahead of the 4 H pieces which made them harder to install.

If anyone else is building or interested in doing so please leave any questions or comments here.


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New to the hobby but a took a liking to the lines of the Stout.Maybe not a recommended build for your fist try .Email dharkless talked to him ended up making three wings due to screw ups and two fuselages and about 5 days of work and I was able to finish it .So now all I need to do is learn how to fly so with dharkless advice I built a Tiny Trainer to learn on.I enjoy the building so much I went ahead and built a Mini Pig.Thanks again for the advice.Electronics are showing up tomorrow for the trainer.

Hey dvx216. All three builds look great. These don't look like someone's first three builds!

I like the Stout Trainer color scheme. It looks sporty!

The wheels on the Tiny Trainer might be too much depending on your motor. It might also be hard to balance with that much up front. You should definite balance at about 30% of the wing chord. If you have trouble you might try my flag wire landing skids.

I live in Farrell, PS about 2 hours east of you.

You should think about going to FliteFest next year. It is in Malvern, OH just a stone's throw from you.

Keep up the great work.
I am currently working on a fully symmetrical wing for the Stout Trainer. It should take the performance to another level with enhanced aerobatics.