bulk 5x3 props for mini quads (100 props for $30)

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I unbuild stuff regularly
well they're actually $39... and they're all the same direction so you'll need to buy reverse as well (do they even sell pusher style of the same prop? I don't see them if they do)

They say they're 'FC brand' but I don't believe that... also don't see any kind of prop adapters to fit different sized motors and no reference as to what they're set to fit.

honestly it looks like you'd end up with 100 left shoes with no right shoes to me.


Some guy in the desert
They're definitely not the FC's I'm used to. They may be FC as in "Fiber Composite" but they don't really look like that either. These have a step around the shaft hole and the real FC's don't (one of the things I actually don't much care for about them since it makes them harder to mount on shorter shafts.)

These also just have a different more square shape to them than FC's.

And there's that whole issue of only being one direction. And one color. Now if they have them in multiple colors and both directions...but they you'd have to buy 4 bags to get a full set so you're looking more like $150 but you'd have enough props to last a few weeks :D

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Those are GWS 5030s. They are among the most efficient 5" props ever developed, but they're also fragile. Unfortunately (to my knowledge) they're only made in standard rotation. They'd be awesome for David's new mini tri though.:D


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seems like a good deal. i use 6" :d
i did buy some of them indestructible props so should be interesting to see if the desert can break them.
good to see another AZ quad business.


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You can get 120 diatone 5030 props for $31.20 with shipping. Great deal for beginners but I will be looking at miniquadbros for the 5045 props for racing.