1. BigDaddy13

    Went from standard tip prop to bullnose on drone

    Hello guys, I have a RAY GW198 GPS drone. It came with standard nose props shown in the first pic below. And I found a excellent deal on FVE OCDAY Black 6045 Bull Nose Strengthened Propeller CCW CW for 250/280 Race Drone in the second pic in the same size. Is there and draw back or plus on...
  2. GParr

    I'm new and I need help picking props!

    I am a complete drone building newbie. I am finally completing the build of my Versa copter V2 that I bought years ago. But I have little idea of what props to buy. I know Josh in the Versa copter V2 build video installs 2 blade 6040 props. However, I see more serious quads using 3 blade props...
  3. C

    Genuine GWS Props for sale

    Huge overstock of GWS props. They are new and from See the attached PDF for the full inventory. Shipping is $7.
  4. Longtoes

    Wondering about aircraft propeller sizes

    Hi! I'm glad to finally make an account after watching Flite Test for quite a few years. Today I'd like to ask about propeller efficiency and how it correlates with aircraft range. So, from what I've gathered from data, it seems larger props unanimously produce more thrust for a given amount of...
  5. Aero_Knight

    Knightmare Challenge: One Motor, 2+ Props

    The Challenge: Fly any aircraft frame or custom build one, using a single motor of any type, but powering 2 or more props NOT on the same axis (ie contra rotation, in-line, etc...). You can have multiple motors but each must power their own sets or props. Gearing, belt or other method is...
  6. OGnapkin

    Avoid prop breaks on belly landing

    I just got a belly landing plane and it is my first plane that doesn't have landing gear and was wondering what I could do to stop the prop from breaking when belly landing. this is the plane, thanks.
  7. S

    Offer For Sale - Used power Pack A motors/escs 6 sets.

    These are used, tested, sets of Power pack A motor/esc. what you see is what will be included. I have 6 sets available. Each set will include 1 motor (MT1806), 1 esc (12a), and 4 props that coordinate with the direction of the motor. Addl props sets (2cw,2ccw) available as well. Please...
  8. C

    Oversized props?

    So I currently have a Hobby Zone Super Cub W/SAFE and the airframe is pretty broken and damaged, but however still very repairable. But since I've been wanting to build my own plane for a while now, I was thinking about using the parts in the Cub and using them in my new plane. I also lost my...
  9. H


    Hello, I'm building a Hexacopter and bought a set of 6 motors. The motors came with prop adapters, but I need to get 3 CCW adapters. The problem is I have no idea how to buy prop adapters. Thanks in advance! Motor...
  10. milkydeathgrind

    8 Pairs of HQ prop V1S 4x4.3x5 for sale CHEAP!!

    I accidentally got the 4" props by accident so I'm selling them. It's 8 pairs (8 CCW 8 CW) of HQ props V1S tri-blade props in light blue. Selling for $11 + $3 shipping
  11. Konrad

    Prop Safety (Safe tip speeds for component props Freewing, Flight line, FMS)

    Greetings All, I’m new the this forum but have been in the hobby for many decades, read since 1969 ouch! My concern is that I just witnessed a prop failure at my field. The propeller was of a construction that is new to me. It is where the individual blades are held on to a plastic disk...
  12. E

    Propellers, Props, or as I call them "Plastic Sticks I can break!"

    Hello all, Very new to all this, and have downloaded and printed some plans. I've previously built a Nutball and FT Flyer. Although a licensed pilot, I seem to like to land prop first in these RC planes.:black_eyed: Having bought a bunch of props initially, I am trying to figure out which are...
  13. muteFPV

    3 ways to fix your props - how to secure propellers on brushed motors

    A propeller flying off the motor shaft is one of the worst things that can happen to us, micro quad flyers. Whether it is due to manufacturing error or due to mounting and removing a prop for a few times, it is a problem that needs a PROPer solution. After trying all possible fixes, including...
  14. J

    When FT210 Attacks

    I was struggling with an unknown issue at the time, the issue turned out to be motor vibrations transferring through the frame into my LUX flight controller. However at the time I couldn’t figure out why I was experiencing this erratic behavior and assumed it was a tuning error. After becoming...
  15. B

    Pusher vs. Puller propellers

    Many times, when looking at various RC planes, the propellers are often in the front or back. If you are designing and building a plane and had the option of either a puller or pusher propeller, is there any difference between the two? If so, how does the position of the propeller affect the...
  16. V

    Hey everyone! Begginer to the hobby with some questions...

    Hey everyone, Im a completely begginer to the hobby and havent built/flown any planes before but have had loads of hours on simulators. So this being my first build, I got the FT Bushwacker speed built kit along with the Power pack C. In the page where you view the FT bushwacker it says the...
  17. D

    2 vs 3 blades? , Pros / Cons

    So kinda want to open a general talk about 3 bladed pros vs 2 bladed props. My quad came with 3 bladed props but alot of people fly it with 2 bladed and they do seem a bit easier to find. So pros, cons, what do you guys think?
  18. N

    Boat Props to make a plane or multirotor fly!

    Pretty self explanitory, replace regular aircraft props with RC boat props!
  19. G

    prop savers for 5mm shaft?

    My son, Nick, and I built an FT Tiny Trainer from plans and bought a power pack and accessories to go with it. The EMAX MT 1806 motor runs great, and we maiden'd it this past week. This was our first build and first time flying, and it has been a blast. At age 10, Nick is a natural pilot. Of...
  20. J

    Tricopter/penta-copter (dragonfly) counter clockwise rotating props?

    Dear Community, It has been a while since my last visit here (2012), but finally I found/made the time to get into multirotors. Beginning where I left off: I decided I first build an tri-copter and after I...