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Bumpy start but have finally found a good starter plane!

I've always loved RC airplanes. They are more interesting than drones in my opinion because most drones just hover in one spot and take cinematic video.
(racing drones excluded).
I finally saved up my money and got a FT Mighty Mini Mustang. I saw people saying it was not a good choice for beginners but as the FT Mini Mustang is the cheapest plane on the FT store I got it. I bought the plane speed build kit, then Power Pack A. This was the first foam plane I had ever built, actually it was the first plane I ever had. After building it I tried to fly it but was having very bad luck. It being the first foamboard plane I ever made, things were a bit wonky. It would always turn over and crash into the ground after hand launching it. When I did get it into the air it was extremely hard to keep stable and loved to tip to the right and nose dive on its own. Also it was nearly impossible to tell what direction it was going at some angles of viewing. I have an image of the plane in the air and you genuinely cannot tell the direction. Anyway after many crashes I put an FPV camera on it. That made waaaaaay easier to fly and keep level. I still crashed it though, and one particularly bad cartwheel totaled the plane. I got a second speedbuild kit of the same plane. I wanted to take it off using a landing gear since you would have a more slow and controlled ascent into the air. I tried to take off from my street at home and when it did finally get into the air I promty crashed it onto a neighbors roof right as it started to rain. I was frustrated with the plane because I could never fly it properly. So I ripped the servos out and saved them for a new plane.

I got the FT Tiny Trainer. It being a trainer, I though it would be good for me as I am terrible at flying planes. Built it, and took it outside for the maiden....

IT WORKED SO WELL!! The plane has a finger hole for launching and its easy to chuck it into the air like a unpowerd glider! I built the glider wings with the polyhedral angles. It naturally flies level! It can be flown at low speeds, and when using only 3 channels it's so much easier to control! As for durability, its wonderful! Two layers of foam at the nose and a nice long body. Also the wing is fastened with rubber bands so it just moves in a crash instead of crunch and smush. I finally have a working, awesome Radio Control Plane. I am very happy know and can't wait to fly it more! The only crashes I've had with it have been my fault for using too much rudder or elevator.

I hope to get good at flying this plane in all it's forms, then I will continue to other, more complicated planes. I look forward to many awesome times flying RC Planes!
Awesome...and an excellent choice with the Tiny Trainer. It is a very versatile plane from beginner to more advanced flying. Welcome to the hobby! If you continue keeping at it with the Tiny Trainer eventually you can give the Mustang a try again.