Bush Whacker Aura 5 set up


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Still new to the Aura 5. I recently built the BW and installed the board, bound it to my NX8 receiver. I followed Josh’s videos to install the flaperon’s on Aura.

I cannot seem to get any noticeable help from the Gyro when on the Flight mode 3- high gain/ high setting. The plane seems to act just like the first setting wining is no gyro. What am I missing?

Question 2- Flaperon channel
Per Josh’s videos, I used the Aux 1 switch and my flaps keep being used on switch D.
Is there a way to change the switch on the Aura board?

Question 3-
I was looking at the different options on the Aura config software on my laptop and noticed that I could possibly reverse switch’s, but when I try to use that tab on the computer it states that my Aura need to be upgraded to .17 from .16. The most recent update for the Aura is only .16.
Am I missing something or will there be another update coming in near future?

Question 4
Is it possible to adjust the throws in Flight modes? I need to be able to add more elevator in Flight mode 2.

Thanks for your help!
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