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C pack motor replacement


New member
I am still learning the basics of E Motors and power systems. I am looking for a C pack size motor replacement and I am wondering if this motor would be a good choice.
MultiStar Viking 1308-4100KV Brushless Outrunner Drone Racing Motor (CCW)
Here are the specs listed with the motor:
KV(RPM/V): 4100KV
Battery: 2~3S LiPoly
Max current: 200w
Max Amps: 16.7A
No Load Current: 1.3A/10V
Internal Resistance: 0.11ohm
Number of Poles: 9N/12P
Dimensions(Dia.xL): 13x8mm
Motor Shaft: 3mm
prop shaft: M4
Weight: 14.3g
bolt hole spacing: 12 x 12mm
Lamination thickness: 0.2mm
Magnets: N50SH
Balancing spec: 0.005g (or better)

What size ESC for this motor?
I would like to build the Simple Cub and/or the Simple Scout
Will an 8/4 to 8/4.5 prop work for this setup and these planes?
It states a 2-3s LiPo, what Mah will get me about 10 minutes of light time?
Thank you for your help and suggestions


Eternal Student
That motor is designed to run 2-3" props, it is way too small to run 8"

Not sure the exact specs of the C pack motor, but it is a lot larger and slower.


New member
Thanks, in doing a little more research I see now that the KV is WAY to high for what I am trying to do. I will spend a little more time researching as I see now this is not even close.


Eternal Student
Had a look, the original C pack motor is a 2215 1080kV.

2215 means the stator is 22mm in diameter and 15mm tall. Find something similar (and similar in kV) and you should be in business.


Active member
The Simple Cub only needs the B pack to fly, and the B pack is quite mild.

I've done builds in this size swinging an 8x4 prop with a D2826-10 (1400kV). It lands somewhere in between the B and C pack for thrust, and you don't have that big 10" hanging off the front.


New member
You are right, when I went back and looked a second time I realized that both of these planes call for the B pack not the C pack. I am new enough at this that I will probably just buy the B pack until I can spend some more time reading and researching motor and power specs. Thank you for helping the newbie.
This might help you (or overwhelm you), but I created a bunch of spreadsheets to document various parts that should be comparable to the parts in the various flite test power packs.

You can find links to those spreadsheets via the thread I have linked in my signature.

Electrisean is right though, the motor you referenced is far too small/underpowered for the c-pack.