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Calling all micro-multirotor pilots in San Diego!

I've started a hackerspace in Vista, CA. The location has been chosen and I've slowly started to move in. The hackerspace needs some help from the local community, and in return you can get some good free stuff or free tickets to events. You will also be mentioned on the website as a contributor. We will focus on robotics in general, so there will be a lot of RC and there will be a lot of multirotor.

I have 10 micro-copters (Eachine H8). I'm making a video with them all in the air, and I need 8 more pilots.

The Eachine H8 is easy to fly, but the controller is very small. You should be able to fly well using the tiny controller. We will be doing some formation flight, and flips and rolls which are easy to do on the H8.

There will be three flights total, with battery charges in-between. It could take 1-2 hours total, starting around sunset. I would like to do this by the end of August.

Let me know if you're interested and the best day of the week you're available. You don't have to bring anything. The first flight will be just playing around, so if you're rusty on the controls it's not a problem!