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Can anyone ID the wire connector?

I asume this is the place to ask this. I have these connectors that go on a robotic mower and they have broke. I have been unable to find a reasonable place to get these. Kind of RC related since I am adapting LIPOs to work with the battery system.

acc_connectors.jpg plotconnectors151.jpg

The green ones are the ones I am looking for.
Awesome, thanks.

I now have 100 of these things on the way from China for like $4.88. Amazon wanted $50 for two of the things labled as made by Robomower. But now when I look at it under different light I see mine has DINKLE 2ESD printed on one side. Only saw 250V 15a before. If Robomower made these I would think they would not have that listed.


Fly, yes... Land, no
Robomower made the mower, but the electronics parts are useually made by a dedicated parts manufactorer. Often times you will find parts taht look identicle, but made by many different companies.
I worked for a hydraulics 'manufacturer' years ago.. one of my responsibilities was to grind away factory part numbers and restamp with the companies part numbers and name.

One of the reasons some items don't seem to match any standards is because of greed. All everything matches a standard. It's just that most non-industrial suppliers can't be trusted.