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Can anything be done with broken props besides throwing them in the bin?

The counter weight coming off is not a risk worth taking, something really bad could happen. I would not wany any part of that, not for a $5 prop.
You are right Merv. for $ 5 it's not worth the risk. However, if for some reason you do not have access to buy new props, this could be an alternative.
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I save all my broken electronics who knows maybe I'll want to hang a retired plane on the wall and give it a more complete look even if the prop is missing a blade and the motor shaft is bent, makes it look like something worth remembering.
I feed them to the Prop eating gophers! and I always seem to crash in one of their holes.
You could use them to make a chest piece [think "witch doctor" bones] and make one to fit in your nose and do a dance at your field to appease the RC gods!