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Help! Can I run a Umx turbo timber on an e flite 2s 300 mah lipo?


Well-known member
According to the Horizon Hobbies site the umx timber can run off a 200–280mAh LiPo. If your only increasing the battery from a 280mAh to a 300mAH you should be fine in terms of flying. Just be prepared to adjust the CG a bit and use as bit more throttle in flight


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Hmm, It may be that you have a old battery. Since you increased the mAH of the battery you would think it would have longer flight time. How long does the Timber normally fly on a 280mAH 2s?


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Not familiar with the turbo, but I fly my old UMX timber with bigger batteries a lot. I use 400mAh all the time but I had to glue a little balsa plate in the fuselage so the battery could be moved farther back. I can get 15 min on that battery if I fly easy.