Can I use 10x4,7 prop with this motor?


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The original Flite Test Power Pack C used to have the GT2215 with a 30A Emax ESC and either a 10 x 4.5 or 10 x 4.7 HQProp propeller, I honestly don't remember which. I've flown numerous flights with my Sea Duck using two of these motor/ESC/Prop combos and later, reused the same motors with a set of 10 x 4.5 props on my P-38. You'll have no problem flying with that prop.


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Slightly puzzled by your question.
Surely the link in your post actually suggests a 10x 4.7 prop for the motor indicating it will draw 26A and generate 1250 g of thrust on a 3s.
Did you have a particular plane in mind for this prop and motor?