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  1. the rc project

    Super Stol Prototypes

    I like building prototype and experimental planes from history and i stumbled upon a picture of a dornier do 31 VTOL cargo plane and it got me looking at the dornier company. although i would love to build a do 31, the VTOL programming is beyond me.... however i was looking at some other stol...
  2. Pieliker96

    Plane Cormorant II 1.2.1

    The Cormorant II uses twin F pack and a 2250 3s which gives it a aerobatically-oriented thrust-to-weight ratio. It can be configured with optional Fowler Flaps and Drooperons, which enhance slow flight and roll rate respectively. It uses 5 sheets of DTFB. For ongoing developments and more...
  3. cdfigueredo

    Tundra RC from scratch

    Hi, guys! For some time now I have been watching various threads of STOL aircraft building. I love the way the FT Simple Storch and FT Bushwacker fly, but I like the way real STOL planes looks. I'm a lover of scale model airplanes, even I haven't built one yet. Then, after my biloute trainer...
  4. IMG_0814.jpg


  5. L Edge


    Land like this STOL plane? Yes, you can. Take a fighter(I used a F-22), make a strip the length of the wing and make it about 1 1/4" wide and get 3-4 re-enforced pieces shaped so that you can hotglue that to the underside of the wing. The only criteria is the leading edge of the re-enforced...
  6. Grifflyer

    Plane ShrubSmacker 1.1

    Description: The ShrubSmacker is a mighty mini sized STOL plane. It is a fairly simple build and has a huge flight envelope. You can build it as a regular 4ch plane dial back the throws and use it as a step up from the 4ch Tiny Trainer, or you can build it with flaps and you'll have a STOL...
  7. Hondo76251

    How Many Landings on One Battery?

    How many times can you take off and land on a single battery? Here's my first attempt: The plane is UMX Timber, the battery is 280mah 35c 2 cell I was able to get 32 landings (and one go around :ROFLMAO:) in about 12 minutes. The video is a single take but sped up for time sake... (5 min of...
  8. L Edge

    XC-142 TILT WING (best angle)

    VTOL has kicked my butt (gaining now) and I always look at a new and different way to fly. So watch the video and let the VTOL stuff go by and watch the STOL Notice the ground effects on landing with the sand giving a good demo. So let's take one part from my VTOL boneyard and STOL(e) it ...
  9. T

    A QUESTION for the Bushwacker folks or STOL plane fans...

    Age old question.. but after searching many forums and vids... I want to take a census on what others think that are familiar with the STOL planes. I want to get the most out of the STOL function for my FT Bushwacker plane. Currently I run Full (ailerons / flapperons ) for my plane. I'm...
  10. L Edge

    AN EDF STOL---- result of an vtol failure

    Failure Equals Success Seven years ago this project was a result of using an EDF with a VTOL concept which failed and an offshoot that gave me a new STOL project that is really different and also a first. Anyway, look at the beginning of the video and you see the EDF rotate(using the rudder)...
  11. Dr. Looping Looie

    Mighty mini Bushwacker

    I love flying my E-flite Timber, especially in the snow, and after seeing the bushwhacker episode on Flite Test, I was fascinated about the small space they were flying in. And I really like the mighty mini setup and size. I dont know why nobody has come up with a smaller bushwacker yet, it...
  12. T-Richard

    Resto-Mod Project HK Cessna 182 1500mm to STOL airplane - Log

    This is a progress log of my project to recycle and old Rc plane and turn it into a sort of fantasy STOL airplane. Inspired by the huge amounts of nice bush planes available on the market lately I wanted one of my own. I wanted mine to be different and also thrifty! I was originally going to...
  13. Aretaic

    ~30" B-pack Kit Fox and SuperSTOL Plans [project]

    So I'm going to try and put together a pair of simple speedbuild-ish STOL plans that could fly pretty well with a B-pack motor. I converted almost all of my previous MT2213 motor'd planes to the GT2215/09, and they were all 35"-45" span planes that really flew a lot easier with the beefier...
  14. jk6stringer

    Looking at STOL options

    Hi Friends, Ive thinking about getting a STOL type aircraft to counteract that fact that I cant easily access the larger flying spaces these days. Something like the Tundra is a nice choice, but going with the FT style I was thinking about going with the Bushwhacker... But the new FT Simple...
  15. T

    Please do a show experimenting with extremely short landing techniques for planes.

    I fly FPV in rural places where it's often very rocky, hilly, with trees or other obstacles everywhere. That means it's very hard to find a flat open place to land a plane, especially the somewhat larger ones (Skywalker, Mini Talon, etc). Some ideas I have in descending order of expected...
  16. K

    Carbon bush plane design and build

    Hey guys! Currently working on the design for a carbon fibre build. I love super cubs and bush planes, so its going to based around a cub. But not exactly scale. I'm looking to go full on STOL custom design. Going to be spending most of the time working in CAD until the design is finalized...
  17. T

    STOL swappable

    I've had this in the works for a while and crashed the first 2 revisions of the plane. Though the most recent revision hasn't flown but I am pretty sure it will do well enough based on test flights of the previous versions. I wanted a STOL plane and my Bloody Wonder was mostly trashed with...
  18. EraJomppa

    Hopping on the bush plane bandwagon

    I got myself a rare free weekend and even though I have couple of other RC projects in progress, I decided to make myself a bush-type plane from some spare parts I had laying around. Here is the result: Specs for those that are interested: Weight: 300 grams span: 900 mm length: 700 mm...
  19. L

    STOL Cargo Plane

    I need help designing/building a Cargo plane, That's also capable of STOL (short take off and landing). for the stol problem i was working on the Coandă effect like the AN-72 or Boeing YC-14. I was wondering if foam and tapes twins plane would be a good test bed. can I use edf on the twins?
  20. F

    3D Hobby shop BigFoot! SO COOL!!!!!!

    This plane is so cool!!!!!!!! http://youtu.be/dBXrAZqCSIY