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Solved Carbon Cub 1.3m safe+ foam board replacement fuselage done!

Well this is my 3rd version. My father in law had a mishap with his carbon cub due to the flight controller

It nose dived very hard. After looking at the body there was some decent damage, and with the front crushed so bad I could not figure if thrust angle was correct.

The fuselages are on back order so I decided to build a replacement from foam board.

Due to the safe+ and gps and the reverse throw servos everything had to mount up just like it was.

Well I did several attempts and adjusting small bits every time. This one will attempt to fly tomorrow.

I got all the electronics to mount correctly and even got a curve battery hatch and landing gear mounted.

Just need to build a cowl tomorrow. If it flys I will build another from FT brown foam and paint it.


Well, she flew! Got 2 flights in and tested auto landing. They were a little off target but i am guessing that was due to a crosswind. On 3rd take off crosswind hit me 1' off the ground and it tipped over. No damage except the firewall. That will teach me to use cheap plywood.

New fuselage is already being built that will be painted and feature plywood battery door. firewall will be 94) layers of 1/16" hobby grade plywood