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centering servos

I"m getting the TT today and will need to be centering servos for the first time. I've watched the videos on setting up electronics and have one question. It appears that Josh, in the video has the ESC and Servo plugged into the RX, but no battery connected. Then he uses the trim switches on the radio and moves them side to side. is that all that is to it?

Just wan to make sure I am doing it correctly.



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I always just use my transmitter and receiver to center them. Connect your esc to your Rx. Connect your servo/servos, bind your Rx to your Tx. Wiggle your sticks on your remote to make sure the servos move, screw on the servo arm in the orientation you need while plugged up to make sure they don't move. Wiggle sticks again to make sure they are centered. Done. That easy. One thing to look out for tho, make sure your trims on your Tx are centered. lol


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Just 1 note. Do not screw in the servo arm while under power. This can potentially strip the servo gearing.
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Be sure to disconnect the motor or take the prop off before plugging in the battery to an ESC.

I agree with @Headbang, make sure to unhook the power before tightening the screw. The idea is to get the servo horn on the correct spline on the servo. Potentially, the servo can be mounted at any angle, but you want the horn to be 90 degrees to the surface you are trying to move. Hold the horn as you tighten the screw on the servo to prevent the servo from turning. It's not a big deal if the servo turns, the idea it to minimize the stress on the gears.
The FT Servo Tester looked like a good idea when I bought it over a year ago. The FT youtube video shows exactly how to use it. The tester has been sitting on my bench waiting to be used. So today I went to use it and discovered that the tester that I purchased is not quite the same as the one in the video. No big deal. The pics below show how to use this model. More tips at: https://foamboardflyers.com/



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When setting up your servo try and get the servo arm as close to 90 degrees as possible, usually the servo arms will be close on one side of the servo and dead nuts on the other side. If at all possible orientate the servo to use the 90 degree position even thou the directions may show the servo orientated a different way..