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Cessna 337A Skymaster


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Been working on this for a few weeks and came across trying to figure out how to tie the rudders together on the booms...
The last few pics are the tail section and I did a mock up to try and work it out...
20150926_163920.jpg 20151011_004833.jpg 20151011_004853.jpg 20151011_004938.jpg 20151024_193101.jpg 20151024_193138.jpg 20151024_193205.jpg 20151025_201313.jpg 20151025_202203.jpg 20151026_173649.jpg 20151026_181910.jpg 20151026_181920.jpg 20151026_183835.jpg 20151026_183951.jpg 20151026_184521.jpg 20151026_200429.jpg 20151026_200440.jpg 20151026_210136.jpg 20151026_210915.jpg 20151026_215900.jpg 20151027_184034.jpg 20151027_190122.jpg 20151027_205526.jpg 20151027_214544.jpg 20151027_223341.jpg 20151028_183616.jpg 20151029_200049.jpg 20151029_202128.jpg

...any ideas?


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Cessna Skymaster 337A scratch build

power pod mods 1.jpg power pod mods 2.jpg power pod mods 3.jpg power pod mods 4.jpg rudder connector 1.jpg rudder connector 2.jpg

Figured out the power pod mods and how to connect the dual rudders...
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One courtesy thing: If you can, don't quote an image-filled post or long post, even if it is your own.

As for connecting the rudders together, I'd personally use a bellcrank linkage over the horizontal stab, from the tail servo to the other boom.


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Here is a post showing pictures from the build of the second version of my Skymaster.

That entire forum thread is long and not really worth reading. I had issues with my first one but I don't fully remember what those issues were. Other than I made the plane big with a little motor. I think the only real issue was it being underpowered. Oh, and i cut into the wings to mount the booms, horrible idea. You are right to mold the booms around the wings.

I put bamboo skewers into the booms to strengthen them and the plane did take a lot of abuse.

For your twin rudders, what I did was with my first design I only used one of the rudders and for my second one I had no rudder. But you could mount control horns at the very top and end of the rudders and connect those two with a bamboo skewer with paper clips at the end. I don't know if that makes sense. But you'd be using a stiff rod to connect the two rudders and the control horns act as pivot points. As long as the two control horns are mounting at the same location on each rudder, then it doesn't matter where you put them.
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