Challenge proposal- FPV scoreboard


Cardboard Boy
Everyone likes friendly competition and FPV, let's combine the two!

I have been checking the FPV leaderboard on the fpvlabs forum for a long time and I was thinking we could have our own thing "Flite Test community FPV leaderboard" in some sort.

Not gonna re-invent the wheel there, their own scoreboard is pretty good so have a distance out category, mile race, max speed, max altitude and more if we come up with some fancy stuff.

This is just a basic draft to see if anyone is interested, if there is enough interest I will make it into a real thing so tell me what you think about that and make proposals for categories/challenges as well!


Bought Another Trailer
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Hi guys!

Keep in mind that local laws and regulations may prohibit certain flights. Here in the USA, the FAA has restrictions on flying beyond line of sight, and has a cap on altitudes, and flying speeds.