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CHALLENGE : Scratch Build A Helicopter

Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
Hey guys, hope all is well with you. As for im fully recovered & im back to working.
scratchbuilding has taken over this wonderful hobby & its a good thing because people are actually getting to learn the physics of life & each day getting more & more inspired.
However i feel we are focusing only on 3parts of this great hobby which is building foam planes,multirotors & flying fpv.
I mean that is good but its not reallly that challenging or hard.
I would like to see more people push themselves forward & get to learn more and more the hobby.
So i have created this challenge were i would like to see upcoming or even proffesional scratch builders build a Helicopter.
On of my Idols Ben hui successfully built a Micro Collective pitch helicopter & laid down all the steps.
Here is an image :
"If you have no knowledge on where to start, here is a link of bens build, maybe it will help you get some inspiration"
Link : www.angelfire.com/blues/heli_project/

I dont have anything solid to offer the winner. But one thing you should know is that this build is challenging i know how good you'll feel to see your own creation fly.
I respect all the pro pilots & noobs here and i would also love to see the helicopter part of the hobby grow.
Helicopters are Fun, Building is Fun & when you combine the 2. The result will be amazing.

I will feature all builds on my Facebook Page Marzz & i will share your progress with people in my country.
Good luck guys, Have a GREAT DAY .
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Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
welcome back :)

I need to re-learn how to fly planes (30 years since I've done it!) but I have seen the homebrew helo project and it was very tempting!
wow, vontugboat.
Thats a long time,hehe. But i guess you wont struggle because all you will to do is get comfortable with flying again.