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channels on flysky receiver don't match transmitter

I'm new to rc when it comes to making my own projects. I bought a FlySky FS-i6X. User input on the transmitter doesn't seem to match what the receiver should be doing.
up and down on right joystick controls things on channel 1
up and down on the left joystick controls things on channel 2
Right and left on the left joystick makes things happen on channel 3
channel four does nothing.
I've watched videos on youtube and I can't find a solution. Is there something I'm missing?
Thanks in advance!


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Are you connecting to a plane receiver or a flight controller? I don't believe that the channel assignments can be changed in the Tx software, but it can be set in Betaflight/Cleanflight etc. if using an FC. For a PWM plane Rx, you can just plug the servos into the channel ports that make it behave as you want.
I'm just connected to the receiver. I see what you mean....just hook the servos to the ports I need to, to make it correspond to the controls. Its billed as a 10 channel receiver but only 3 channels do anything. The receivers are cheap enough. I may just buy another to see if it works better.

Ryan O.

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I'm not sure how to fix it except maybe getting a slightly better receiver, but at least you got the Radio to turn on and bind :LOL:


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I believe you could have the mode set wrong as above, or you have some other set up gremlin. Hook everything up on the bench and take some pictures of it all so we can see what’s going on. Put a motor on there as well, no prop.
The FS 6 series are only 6 channels, so you won‘t have 10 regardless of which receiver you use, as it only transmits on 6 channels. You have to install custom firmware to do more, I would wait on that until you have learned some more, it’s a good way to brick the whole set up.
Flysky is AETR channels 1-4 so Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder.


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Still receives only what the transmitter puts out, 6 channels. Set up for a simple plane will still use channels 1-4 as
  1. Aileron- The Y lead usually
  2. Elevator- Servo
  3. Throttle- Line from EsC with a servo plug on
  4. Rudder- Servo
If you do that and you still are not getting the stick outputs then you need to see what Mode is set up on the transmitter. This can be changed in the Function setup, you are looking for a screen with Sticks Mode as the title, this shows which way the channels are set. You can then change between modes 1-4.
The other option is that you have a channel reversed. This is quite common, there’s a tab for it in the servo setup menu, you pick the channel that you want to reverse. Always do this with the prop removed in case you toggle throttle by mistake. It’s best if you do what you have already but run off the battery and ESC. If it’s for a glider then your setup might be different. Be sure you picked the right model type when you set the model up.


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Thanks so much for the responses. I've watched all I could find on it. Here is a video I made of what it is doing.

As far as the display goes on the radio that looks normal, AETR , channel 1 to 4 . Channel 4 does it do anything and with what stick? Check in your radio and see if there are any mixes going on or activated that could be sending the output to different channels.


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Hard to tell form the video, to me it looks like you have the battery hooked to Channel 1. This is throwing off your channel count
I think you are right, just googled a picture of the rx and he has the power plugged into channel 1 .

@binkstir put your power lead at the opposite end, actually any other empty hole will work and then plug in a fourth servo into channel 1 and you should be set to go.
Hard to tell form the video, to me it looks like you have the battery hooked to Channel 1. This is throwing off your channel count
I'll second this. That would make everything function exactly how you are describing it when set up in mode 2. You can plug the battery in on any channel since the + and - pins are common all the way across. If you're using a separate battery for it in your model, that receiver actually has a dedicated spot for it over past channel 10 that's marked "B/VCC". On our typical setup, it would just get it's power from the ESC that's plugged into channel 3, so you don't need to worry about a separate battery connection.