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Pumpkin drop event

Chicagoland Area

Im about 30 minutes west of Chicago and have found Oakhurst park in aurora and a very large flat field just west of farm and fleet in Montgomery to be great spots to fly.

Also, I want to thank everyone at flitetest for making this hobbie easy to get into and for all the great information everyone on the forum provides. This lazy Saturday is dedicated to you!

Photo of Oakhurst while waiting for lipo to charge

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1. I love that you are chilling in a hammock off the back of your Jeep.

I am just south of you and go the Plainfield South to fly. Just started going to Renwick park in Plainfield. Like the space a bit better. Been meaning to go to Four Seasons Park in Shorewood. HUGE open area and they have this man made hill right in the middle of the park. Want to hike up to the top and launch from there. Would have a huge LOS and be able to do some pretty cool flying I think.