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CleanFlight PID missing Decimal

i have been fighting an ongoing battle with my Naze32 Rev6 and its uncanny want not to fly. i had my FT210 flying not to long ago and damaged my Video transmitter and was grounded while a new one was shipped. after putting everything back together i decided i would update to the newest Firmware for the Naze and get back flying. however after getting into cleanflight i noticed the way you navigate the firmware files had changed no big deal i selected naze and then on the next dropdown i picked the most current revision.

when i got into the PID section to imput my old PID i noticed there are no longer Decimal numbers

default P use to be 4.0 now it is 40
default I use to be .030 now it is 30

with these default settings my FT210 can not fly it shakes and carrys on when trying to hover i messed around with the PID thinking maybe the removed Decimals to make things simpler however no matter how low or high i change my PID i can not get stable flight characteristics.

am i missing something here?

also just for comparison i tried Betaflight and same situation there no PID decimal places and my quad can not fly with my Intergal value at 30.
i will check but from what i remember i have never changed the PID controller, it has been set on rewrite. even if it was changed why is it that the multi rotor would be unable to fly on defualt PID settings