CNC drawing problems


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Use a CNC machine as a plotter to draw Flite Test plans directly to the foam sheets. Everything was working fine
until the "New style" plans with color coded cross hatches and all the extra info was added to the basic profiles
in the drawing. Cad see's all this extra info as vectors and wants to print all of it. It is very difficult to edit all this extra
info out of the plan.What used to take minutes now will take hours to print.( And lots of pen ink!) I really liked the earlier FT plans as they were not as cluttered. Is there any chance the FT plans could also be supplied in the original PDF
format without the color coded help info ? Really appreciate FT and all they do for the hobby. Got me back into it after
40 years. Built almost 30% of FT's plans and others. Do any of you other CNC'ers have the same request?

Thanks to all the FT staff for their hard work......



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Depending on your software, you should be able to select by color to either delete lines with a specific color or assign a color to a tool path that is written to a separate file


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When I open the new (SP0NZ) plans in Foxit Reader, a sidebar opens up with checkboxes to enable and disable layers.


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I intentionally left the layer information in the PDF files for that very reason. You should be able to turn off the layers that you don't want/need.