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I thought I would share a design I updated and enlarged, I found this design by DZ1SFB on 2010. I built the fuselage wider to house a 3s battery and all of the radio gear. I designed a built up 42" wing, added a combat hook in the rear. I am using an Emax Motor 1500kv. It has more than enough power to toe along the streamers. They fly's excellent, rolls, inverted flying just about anything you want. Simple strong construction, it uses 5 sheets of foam board. I am trying to get some of our club members to build them and use them for combat events. With these two basic designs I can make modifications and come up with a variety of planes, my next addition needs to be a P-51 Mustang! When I get some video of them flying in combat I will post.



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Its certainly a good looker. Did you make or buy the decals on the green one? Have you got a link to the original?

Do you get any twist or flutter on the ailerons at full speed with the horn on the end like that?


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I like these! Quick question tho, where does the battery, esc, and rx go? Is there a "hatch" on the side behind the motor? A couple more close up pictures would be greatly appreciated!!


The receiver is in the middle of the airplane with a bind plug extension to the front, and yes it has a hatch held on with three magnets. The ESC and battery are located in the front, under the hatch. Both of the airplanes balance out perfect with no alterations. The decals are printed on the plans and can be cut out and glued on. I printed the decals on s higher gloss paper. I created several different pilots and can create more to suite too taste. No twist or flutter in the ailerons. I have taken it super high and created a high speed death spin pulls out of any maneuver like a pro. I designed it with a 1/8" x 8" wing spar, I don't think the wings would snap no matter what stunt you do.


I can post them... I have them set up on a 20" x 30" PDF plot file to lay them directly on the foam board and start cutting away. I do not have them set up for 8.5x11 cut outs. What's typical plot files? I can create a P-51 model and include them all in a zip file.


I posted the Mig and P40 plans I need to finish the decals for the P51... I took the Mig to the beach today we had a blast!

Updated both plots this morning 12-10-18


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Updated the two Plot files Mig and P-40, Sorry error in plot config. 20"x 30" PDF set up. Still needing more time for the P-51 Need to do a test build.


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Downloaded the P40 plans. Thank you. Way beyond my build skill level at the present moment. I still need a build video to figure stuff out. One day though? I'm putting THAT bad boy in the air!