Radiomaster TX12 mk2 and R88 V2 telemetry connectivity issue


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I had recently bought Radimaster Tx12 Mk2 and R88 V2 . I have flashed the tx with Frsky X. After binding the Tx witht the Rx, whenever the tx and rx are close, the tele connection gets disconnected and disconnected frequently, but when i am out of a particular range it works just fine. Can someone help me with the issue?
Thank you


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I have the same radio and receivers and experience the same behavior. I don't think there's anything to be concerned about so long as you control the plane when held at arms length and a range test works. Interestingly, I don't experience the issue on a receiver which has had an antenna ripped off, so perhaps it is something to do with interference between the two antennas?

As an aside, I recommend using the D16 protocol instead of the D8 protocol in the V2 receivers if you're not doing that already. The connection is a bit better and the failsafe actually works correctly.