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Completely new and don't understand binding


New member
Greetings to everyone,
Binding must seem simple to everyone...I've watched a few youtube videos and searched the forum...but simple things like "turn the receiver on" which might be common knowledge to most isn't to me.

So I purchased the Spectrum Dx6e controller along with several kits since my kids can't get enough of Flite Test...but the simplest thing like getting the radio to work is beyond me at the moment. I have zero experience with anything RC. Honestly.

So, how do I turn the receiver on so that it will bind? When I press the button and hold it the light blinks, but when I release the button it stops blinking. I've tried every variation I can think of and binding fails.

I've tried each of the recommendations in the manual for troubleshooting.

It could very well be that I simply don't understand how to turn the receiver on.


Well-known member
While spectrum wouldn't be my first choice, especially for a beginner, I'm glad you got it running. It should work well for your needs now. Sometimes it's the most basic stuff that daunts somebody new. Out of curiosity which kits did you get?