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Confused on what to buy. Need advice! Leaning towards OpenLRS


Hostage Taker of Quads
But if we tell them that, then we has to make them deadskies!
Are you kidding? Do you know how much paperwork that generates?!? Way better just to claim it didn't happen and state any evidence to the contrary is fake . . .

Demon, glad it helped! I know my way round a PC, and frankly I got lost setting up the channel mapping. good to hear you fared well with it!

Dunno why this is some kind of super secret -- Spektrum made it super easy after all -- but I suppose it would bite into RealFlight or Phoenix sales.


Pirate ParkFlyer
They are not, you cannot wear glasses under the fatsharks but they do sell corrective lens for some of the models and you can also dremel an old pair of glasses and glue them in the fatsharks. If you wear glasses, like me, your best bet is to learn to enjoy the LCD screen and find a good bright one..