Help! Connecting Flysky i6 to a Mac


Is it possible to connect a Flysky i6 transmitter with my Mac computer so that I can practice flying on a simulator? The number of time that I have now crashed my first plane is not a joke and I am seriously exploring this option!

Which cable if any would work with it? Or any other method like connecting a USB Dongle Wireless Simulator etc? Would be grateful if anyone who is using this can advise me on the setup.

Thanking you in anticipation



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I'm fairly sure if you use a MIDI cable you can connect it to the computer. You might need a converter so you can use a compatible connector for your PC. I have the TGY-i6 which is basically the same as yours except yours is FlySky. You might want to buy the disc with the program instead of getting a free one which isn't accurate. I would recommend the Phoenix sim for training.
Hope this helps!