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connecting flysky transmitter to computer

i recently bought a flysky FS-i6 transmitter and also got a rc simulator online but I'm facing a problem of my transmitter not getting connected to the computer. I also got a cable to connect the transmitter to the computer but still it's not getting connected. Can anyone help me out with this?


Cardboard Boy
Yep, that is the firmware update cable.
WHat I did to my radi is mod a jack plug in the back of it to connect to a sim but that was a pain to use so I never used the sim.


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I got an FS i6s recently and it came with a USB mini cable. I'm a Mac user and also have the aerofly RC7 as a sim. For me, I just plugged her in and asked RC7 to look for new controllers. I had to use the advanced settings in the sim to tweak the throttle onto the right stick, but it was away after that.
Hi, I have the FLYSKY I10 and have the same problem. It comes with a A port style connector, any suggestions on what I need to connect to my pc and sim


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looking at buying the aerofly RC7 and I want to be able to use it with my flysky I6S, before I do does any know if it will work with either of the 2 USB dongles I have? Also is the aerofly RC7 the best sim for use with a mac for around the same price ?