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connecting flysky transmitter to computer


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same here, that's how I ended up with the other one. Also why I wanted to know if either would work on the aerofly RC7 before I waste another 40 bucks.
I bought this cable which has a four position switch. I use my Flysky i6X and an older Phoenix 4 simulator disc. I have the dongle set on Phoenix rc. I could not get any of the simulators on the disc that comes with the cable to work but I suspected that would be the case.
I just bought mine 2 weeks ago, mine didnt even have a label like you guys have its the same unit ....

guess they decided to keep selling their defective junk but not have the company name on it


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@sundown57 - I have aerofly RC7 and it plugs from my FSi6s with a mini USB at the TX to the regular USB at the computer - it is not a fancy cable - (I do use a mac but it should not matter).