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Control Rod/Horn slop fixes


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Hi all,
Looking for ideas to try/use on my UMX Vapor lite to make it fly consistent. I've found that there is a ton of slop at both ends of the pushrods where they connect to the linear servos and the control surfaces. Looking for ideas to help take up the slop with the current pushrods that are probably undersized for the holes they connect to. I know, not the best way to tackle the problem, but not looking to spend a whole lot of time on it before tomorrow night's indoor fly and it might also be useful information for someone trying to do a quick fix at the field after a minor incursion.



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Fasest way is to use a different undrilled hole combinaton on the arm and controlhorn, unless they got all drilled oversize. ON the servo arm you could bind and glue a cover then redrill probably ditto on the horn.

Or you can tin the metal ends with solder


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One thing you might try is to wipe the end of the pushrod with a bit of Vaseline, wipe clean, insert It back in the control horn the place a small drop of CA on this area. Use CA accelerator then break the pushrod loose in the hole. Done this on FT's control horns (wood) don't know if it would work on your UMX Vapor. Anyway just an idea.