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Controll rod connector included in 3 pack?


I've recommended the 3 pk to a newbie friend. I seem to remember having to scramble around for the little piece of hardware that connects the control rod to the control horn.

Are they included or is my fuzzy memory of the issue correct?

What do I need to tell them to purchase if they are not included?

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They do not come with the devices to connect the the servo arm (linkage stopper). It can be done without the linkage stoppers, but they sure do make it easier to adjust!


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They come with z-bends on one end only. If need be you can build it an add a second z-bend to fit, like 510thousandths said, but it will be harder to adjust. If a small v-bend is added to the control rod, you can make small adjustments very easy without the speed clevis.
Adjustments can be made by spreading or squashing the "V" to make the length right.
The linkage stoppers are an extra option (you have to pay a little extra) when ordering, along with extra batteries, servos, and the like.
You can get these connectors on amazon for dirt cheap.
They are called Du-Bro 915 Mini E/Z Connector (12-Pack)
Get the 12 pack. The hobby shops only have them in 2 packs which doesn't help since most swappables need 3z


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I'm not sure if they come with a speed build kit, but my guess is no. I don't see them on the included materials list. Thanks for linking them though, I had a heck of a time finding them anywhere.

(edit) whoops missed the first page of the thread, but thanks for the link!
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