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Corflute/Coroplast 1300mm Delta design attempt


Junior Member
Hi all,

I'm trying to design a Delta wing using 3mm/5mm Corflute/Coroplast (signboard plastic) and
my experience with RC design is zilch. My last experience with models a long time ago were
FUP's (Fold Up Paper), but being from an engineering background thought I'd at least try
to draw something that might fly.
Hence my Google Sketchup attempts.

I'd appreciate any feedback on whether you think this will work or not.

Thanks much for any advice.


Link: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=2b46dd0f0e2f2d3e2cd647c0e2673f7d


Junior Member
I'm Inspired!

Hey Daz,

Thanks for the link, and thanks much for the great build pics and pdf's.
I am indeed inspired now that you've shown how to actually make
one rather than futz around drawing it. Although Sketchup
is also a bit of a hobby in itself.
I'm hoping to get some sort of landing gear thing happening with mine
and thought the fuselage bit might be useful.