Counter rotating prop electric racer


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Hey Flitetest gang. I’m a huge fan thanks for inspiring me to get back into the hobby after a long break. I just saw this video about the development of a counter rotating racer and thought you guys with your engine contacts may be able to build something this crazy and possibly help this full size experimental team out.


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I would look at the numerous coaxial helicopters out there for parts to adapt for a counter-rotating prop plane. Since the heli companies have already done the engineering, it would make sense to make use of their expertise, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.
actually that model that was in his hand next to the test bed is a real contra-rotating set up that you can buy off of banggood and AliExpress so maybe you guys should check that out some of the bigger Motors make over 5000 grams of thrust and then there's a cheap version with 3 blade props that are weak and not worth the money