Counterfeit EMax motor?


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Hello, I have bought four EMax motors in the past - all had soldered bullet connectors, and came with a wrench that fit the screws that they came with. I just received an EMax RS2306-2750KV motor from a reputable dealer, and several things have me concerned that what I have received a counterfeit motor:
- the motor does not have bullet connectors
- the package does not contain a wrench
- the screws do not fit any of the other wrenches that came with other motors

Does this seem fishy, or am I just overreacting?



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Post a picture of how they came and what they look like.

As far as I know Emax stopped using bullets a while ago. Most cut them off and direct solder at least in the quad community so the added cost savings was kind of passed down to us without them. My 2306 2400kv motors as well as other motors for quads did not come with bullets either.

As for screws and wrenches it is possible that they may have been returns that someone scammed up the hardware and someone was not paying attention when they repackaged them.

Also if you tell us who you got them from there is a good chance someone can vouch for the company as to their trust and reliability. If it was bang good.. well thats a whole other can of worms.