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Hey All,

Just wanted to give a shameless plug for my YouTube Channel, CustomRCMods.

I started this channel back when I drove RC cars primarily, and I would show modifications you could do to fix/improve your RC vehicles Cost-Effectively. Today, I do all sorts of videos, mainly focused in RC Flight. Including, Reviews, tutorials, and modifications.

My goal is to try and answer questions to common problems or products that have little other content available on youtube. I am always looking for video requests, so please respond below If you have any Ideas.

With this COVID-19 event going on, I obviously have lots of time on my hands to make videos, so you can expect a new video (or two) every day.

This channel was created to merge 2 hobbies, RC and video creation. I have a background in aerial photography and freelance video creation that make RC so much more fun.

It has been a blast operating this channel for the past few years, and I can't wait to grow and make more content for the community.

Please let me know if you have any video Ideas, questions, or comments for me. Also, If you subscribe I will subscribe back!

Thank you!
It is really good video on Scot and you have spooked in simple word. I have seen FT Goblin Build video which is very innovative


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Thank you all for 400 subscribers!