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Cutting templates with Cameo cutter for flitetest plans

It's indeed tail heavy, so I moved the (17 grams) servo's more to the front. And now with a little weight on the front it's slight nose heavy, so on to the next flight :-D.

Oh and yes.. the plane conveniently broke in half during a rough landing so I could access this area to install servo's. I did not have hot glue on site but some tape got it back in the air in no time :-D, really love those foamies for that.

Also finished the landing gear fearings and reinforced them (didn't like the foam fearing and it was to small for the 6,5 cm wheels). As a bonus I don't need the extra weight in front anymore to balance it out because of the extra weight of the 3d printed fearings :).

kevin any updates?

I'm also eyeing the Cameo to do some things. Can you tell me why you have chosen that machine and not a different one?

Can you recommend any review sites for me? I've been surfing the net but I believe most of them are fake reviews. They
show the machines as they are perfect and flawless. I don't want to waste money on a defective machine.

Just today I came across a blog that is the exact opposite that I'm used to. It actually bashed machines for their shortcomings.
For example it says that the key feature of Cameo is the bluetooth and it's not working. Is it true? Anyways here's the comparison link.

Did you have troubles with your cameo? Would you recommend it or I should keep looking for a different machine.