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Damn Cats!

Lou N

New member
Hi All,

New to Flite Test models and this forum. I was working on my Tiny Trainer and left it sitting on the table over night. Found out the hard way that our cats (not sure which one, but I suspect the Maine Coon) apparently like the taste of the foam board :mad: Oh well, at least I'll have some extra parts to experiment with! Looking forward to getting this in the air.




Knower of useless information
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. My cats haven't chewed it; rather, they seem to think the foamboard scraps in the trash bin are great for a litterbox. :(

Lou N

New member
I would just cut off the damaged part and use it to create a replacement to glue back on the remainder
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing; I could use the glider wing to cut some new parts. Or maybe back half the whole thing; I didn't like the way the hinges came out anyway, I have a bevel cutter coming to make better cuts. Figure this was good practice for damage control...
Luckily our cats haven't chewed my planes...I try and keep my planes hung up too. Now our one cat likes to chew plastic bags. And I have found quite a few prop bags (and even the props inside) having bite marks.


Elite member
I have a wall rack for my planes and had to re-design it so that they're all at least three feet off the ground so my cat can't chew them to bits.
That empennage looks perfectly serviceable as is, just not pretty anymore.