Regards from France, noob question abt FT22


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Hi girls and guys !
I am very new on R/C despite I am 55 years old :mad:
In the 70's, I made some free fligth gilders, place all my money "on the side" to buy R/C controler and engine .. and .. and.. got my hamradio licence ! .. So, all my time and money was around amateur radio hobby. My pseudo is "clear" for other hamradios here ! on you can see my face :)

Now, I hope to "come back" on R/C ..
I play a lot with picasim simulator .. Brilliant !
I bougth phoenix RC 5.5 but I have some issues with my protronik PTR-6A v2 controler :( So, useless at the moment.

I have a AIRSCALE RECRE148. I have not yet flown it, but a friend flown it ... I have to wait to get the 2017 club subscription ( insurrance and so on) to fligth it myself at the airfield.
recré (1).jpg recré (2).jpg

I would like to build a FT22...or something small - to play in my backyard between the trees ! :) , I am confused :
I would like to undertsand : Is the propeller a CW or CCW ? .
Do the elevons work as same as ailerons, or opposite way ? : with ailerons, If you put the stick on the left, the left aileron goes up,and the wing goes down on the left and up on the right.

I saw some mods about the FT22 : what do you think about ?

Thanks for reading
Sorry about my poor english :confused: , I hope it is understandable as I can understand it myself :D

very warm regards from France
73 & 88 :)

EDIT : After long surfs to the forum threads, saw a lot around the tiny trainer, bloody wonder all versions and so on, I decide to build, for the 1st scratch build, a bloody Baron ( big thanks to SPONZ) . Other models will come later :)
My goal is to have a plane with ailerons and rudder, enough small to fly in my home backyard.
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Welcome to the forum. Which direction the prop spins on the FT F22 is determined by which type of prop you buy. Normally we just take a normal prop, put it on the motor backwards and make the motor turn the other direction. You can change the direction that a brushless motor spins by just swapping any two of the three wire leads. Both CW and CCW props are availible so you just want to make sure to get the motor spinning the correct direction for the props you have on hand.


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Thanks fixnfly... it is so simple and easy ! :) no brain torture ... since days I am studying the pictures from several FT22 /posts and do not understand. Now, I know. Thanks again !
Edit : I am also reading about the Tiny Trainer. Maybe more time to buid it, but probably easier to fligth in my land...
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