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Dat Raptor


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With the Rhino pretty much wrapped up I figured it's time to move onto another project. I have been working on a few projects here and there, but mostly have been in the early design stages. After thinking about what I wanted to focus on I settled on the Raptor.
This is easily my favorite bird to ever hit the sky. Originally I was going to save this build until I learned enough about foam scratch building to make this the "perfect" build. I now see that is a fantasy and the best way to approach this is to build, test, modify and then repeat.

F-22 Raptor Base Specs
Scale: 1:20
Wingspan: 26.7"
Length: 37.2"
Power Plant: 50mm EDF x 2
ESC: 40amp x 2

I plan to do a lot of experimentation with control surfaces and mixing on this build. This will also be my new Air Force entry for the Veterans Airshow next year. This will also translate well to a parallel project which will take foamboard aircraft to a whole new level for me. Everything just kind of fits together for this project to be next on the list.

I have a few more side projects I am wrapping up at the moment, but I plan to get started on this by next week.


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Thanks Damo.

I expect this will have many revisions and technically never be "finished", but rather constantly changed and refined. I will also play with different scales and power plants.

The plan is to make the ultimate, (for me anyway), park flier EDF as well as large scale foamboard build.

First will be the park flier of course, and my first goal is to make it fly just as well as my Rhino. That will be no easy task. To keep it light, I will probably drop it to a single 64mm, but since I already have the twin 50's sitting around, I am going to start there as see how it shakes out. These are the 50mm's from my first Phantom prototype so running 4s I am looking at 800-900 grams of thrust. I don't expect a 1 to 1, but it should be close. Thrust vectoring will be a must as well, so I plan to test full Stabilators linked to the 2D vectoring nozzles using elevon mixing. Hopefully I can do this mechanically only using 2 servos.

We shall see.:unsure:


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I have the final shape for the park flier worked out.
Here is a shot of it next to the Rhino...
You will see this next year at FF.;)

Now that I am happy with the shape, it time to bust out the Foam-Fu.(y)


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That looks great! Definitely look like it'll be cleaner than mine. One thing to consider is that your CG is going to be much further forward than you may think. My Raptors size is 34" w x 45" l and the CG is 3" behind the root of the wing itself. I probably need to move the CG right up to the root. That seems to be a common theme with most scale raptor builds.

Hope to see yours fly soon!!


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Thanks bud!

Aye, I have a few few different Raptor kits that have been modified to heck and back. I found the best CG for me is using the diamonds on the scale bird as a marker. It's just behind the LES folds at the root.

The CG is pretty forgiving though. I have been extremely forward and rearward on a few test flights and it seems to handle it quite well. Within reason anyway.

She does get a bit squirrelly at low speed and an aft bias CG.;)


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I just ordered some new EDF's to do the first park flier prototype. I did in fact decide to go with the single 64mm rather than the twin 50mm. The power/weight/watts ratio is just better. I am trying to keep it as light as possible. FMS claims 900grams on 3s. With this build I am shooting for 600-650grams AUW using a 1550mAh 3s LiPo.

It will be a little heavier than the Rhino, but it also has more wing area.
I still hope to get this ready to build by the weekend, but it will not maiden until my new fans show up.


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Okay, seriously... STOP BEING AWESOME! Let me catch up and knock a few planes off my build list will ya?!!
I'm with kilroy07 - I keep saying I am going to build the one you are working on at any given moment and then, seconds after finishing it, you come up with something even cooler!



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Thank you gents!

Don't worry @kilroy07 this one is probably not going to be ready for a while. I have two other big projects I will be working on in parallel.

@DamoRC Says the guy who cranks out a cool new build once a week. Seriously though, I have quite a few of your builds on my wish list as well.

@FAI-F1D Any plans on making a rubber band powered Raptor? Talk about something that has not been done before... ;)


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@FAI-F1D Any plans on making a rubber band powered Raptor? Talk about something that has not been done before... ;)
Not at the moment, but a Nocal (profile scale) model could be done fairly easily. I know David Aronstein did an SU-27 some years ago which flew quite well. It would make for a really, really cool airplane.


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Working on some logistical details...
I want to make the EDF serviceable. I had this idea when I was working on the larger Phantom which I never finished designing. Obviously the entire top is not going to be removable, but there will be a hatch between the fuselage ribs on either side of the EDF mount.

That was probably the biggest hurdle for this project, now I just need to finish drawing the formers and a few other details. I don't know if I will be building this by the weekend as I originally planned, but it should be soon.

It has to be. August 1'st it's FTFC19 time.:)


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Ok, so maybe the serviceable EDF was not the biggest hurdle. :cautious:
The idea is to use two servos to drive two stabilators and the thrust vectoring vanes. It is easy enough to do with a 3D printed assembly, but I am trying to make this also something you can make out of common materials. No small task.

I will sleep on it tonight and see what I can think of with a well rested brain.
I will figure something out.:unsure: