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Dayton Air Show: My experience

I went to the Dayton air show. It was awesome. If anyone is thinking about going, GO! The time I went they couldn't have the Blue angels preform because prior to this they lost on of their pilots. But to compensate they had a lot of F-18 Hornet Demos. The announcer was Rob Rieder. I got to meet him! I knew him because he is the instructor in Sporty's learn to fly course. They had the navy leap frogs, tora tora tora!,(pearl harbor reenactment), Airworthy Wright B flyer!, Sean D Tucker!, Patty Wagstaff, F-18 Hornet demos, F-22 demos, P-51 demos, and the US heritage flight!(F-22+P-51 formation) it is a really great and family friendly atmosphere. They have vendors, displays, even mist sprayers you can walk trough when your melting. Which I was. It was hot. They also have a model aviation table. I got talking with the guys there. They had some 3d and some scale. One of the guys had a video of Peter's Heli Carrier! I got to meet Sean Tucker!!! He is an amazing pilot. Go there. You won't regret it! Just bring a hat or sun block, or if your noise sensitive, bring earplugs!