DCS - Digital Combat Simulator


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I have it, but it has been quite some time since I've flown. Would have to fire it up to remember what planes I fly. F5, F18, A10 ish kinda planes


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Does anybody else play, and what Modules do you mainly fly?

Gotta admit I am little excited for the Apache Today! and, I usually the F-16 and F-18 more than anything else. Still need to learn the Tomcat, and Harrier, and F-5.

I've stopped buying modules - I need to actually plat with the one's I already have! Which are:

BF-109 K4
FW 190D
Spitfire Mk IX
F-86 Sabre
MiG 15
MiG 21
UH-1 Huey
Mirage 2000C
Mi-8 MTV
Hawk T1A
Ka-50 Black Shark II
Flaming Cliffs 3
C-101 Aviojet

Nevada Test / training
Normandy 1944

At the moment I have my warbirds installed and I'm trying to reach the point of completing a full mission. I've gotten through the challenge campaign for the BF-109 and I'm stuck on bombing moving targets with the P-51. I've tried this other P-51 ground attack mission but I keep getting shot up! Been in and out of DCS for 8 years now but I'm slowly getting the hang of more than just flying... Can't see myself switching the labels back off any time soon though!

May as well show a video of me having a go at dogfights as well:

I know the feeling, with the mods.

I am patiently wafting for the Corsair to get into the Warbirds, the list currently available doesn't interest me. Wish they would make a P-38 too.