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De sync de sync de sync

So I just purchased a flight one revolt osd and a hobbywing 60 amp 4 in1 esc, I updated the esc and the flight board before maiden flight, I noticed small de syncs as the motors would glitch during flight and sometimes it would even knock me out of the sky with a full de sync the only thing I’ve noticed helping in bl heli is the ramp up turned way down and the de mag off... it seemed to quiet the de syncs down a little but they are still there, I have noticed though in the flight one GUI it’ll full de sync but some how not have as much small “glitch” de syncs and on d shot 1200 it has more “glitch” de syncs but not full d syncs however I noticed when I put the protocol on multi shot the recommended setting in flight one I don’t have any de syncs whatsoever but my chime up takes longer and the power and control just isn’t there like d shot. The esc does say it fully supports d shot 1200 so I’m at a loss right now any help or input would be great!