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Decathlon build


Mr. Gee Bee
I have always liked the looks of the American Chamion Xtreme Decathlon so I thought I would try and build one from foam board.

My dad and I got together and developed a symmetrical air-foil with the ailerons cut out of the wing once it was made essentially retaining the perfect air-foil.

Here is the completed plane
30" Wingspan
22" Fuse Length
Park 425 Motor

9 x 4.7 SF Prop
No name 40amp ESC
2200 mah 3s 25c LiPo

I didn't go for the swappable route because I am just not a big fan of BBQ skewers sticking out of my plane. The top wing is glued on and I have access hatches cut out for getting to the components.

Bottom hatch

Top hatch

I am using the FliteTest power pack (Park 425 motor) for the Blender on Altitude Hobbies. I use 2 4.4 gram servos for the ailerons.

Here is the rest of the gallery if anyone is interested in how I designed it.

We built one for my dad a few days ago and maidened it. It flies beautifully and is incredibly acrobatic. I am looking forward to maidening mine today!
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