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  1. FoamyDM

    FTFC21: Build-ruary by FoamyDM

    FTFC21 Build-ruary by FoamyDM (Build Skill: 4 Skilled, Pilot SKill: 3 comfortable ) AeroCar by FoamyDM (new scratch build) F-22 (50mm 3EDF) by Grifflyer HRC WASP by The Hangar RC HRC T-6 Texan by The Hangar RC It is possible two of these planes may not be ready in time. Alternate 1: FT...
  2. CarboardKings

    Latest EDF Cereal Box EDF Jet

    This was meant to be a CG tester mock up. Turned out lighter weight than the original so we are excited to continue the build. 3 cereal boxes bamboo skewers to strategically strengthen 2 cardboard box (I'm sure you great guys can get this done in foam) 5 servos 70mm EDF
  3. S

    My FT Super Bee

    Here is My FT Super Bee Sunnysky 2204-16 II 2300kv HQ 5x4.5x3 v2 props Noname 20amp ESC HS-55 servos Spektrum AR6100 receiver Custom Sunburst Paint scheme by myself (toot toot) Dual ailerons and thrust vectoring
  4. F

    Bunch of 2212/1000kv and 2200mah 3S - What to build?

    Hi, long time lurker here, but I have the "building bug" and a bunch of electronics left over from an old quad. The reason I am reaching out is: I have been having a heck of time finding plans for that setup. If any one out there has any experience with this please let me know! Thanks to all!
  5. A

    Hey! New here. Showing off my scratchbuilt FFF plane! Tell me what you think

    So I decided to build a plane out of my spare quadcopter parts and some foam and servos etc. This is what I came up with. Its pretty crude, and I havent flown it yet, but finished it today. I'm not sure if I should add ailerons. Btw, this is my first build, and I have never flown any RC plane...
  6. A

    My first DIY fixed Wing

    Coments and suggestions are entirely welcome
  7. P

    Tri tilt T-copter? Possible? The Yawcopter. Picture.

    I'm building the simple one in the background first. The one in the front I call the "Yawcopter" It's three tail assemblies. I imagine hooking them all up to the rudder control would give it quite the turning radius, kinda like a blender. But what I want to know is can the two at the front tilt...
  8. FoamieNinja

    The Striker Platform:

    Hey guys, I decided to follow through with the tradition of making a first post about my striker platform... I wrote an article, but for some reason, it's still waiting to be approved... ---------------------- ( Quick notice: This post may be excessively long, as I have a large amount of...
  9. Jnr Kuzi

    CHALLENGE : Scratch Build A Helicopter

    Hey guys, hope all is well with you. As for im fully recovered & im back to working. scratchbuilding has taken over this wonderful hobby & its a good thing because people are actually getting to learn the physics of life & each day getting more & more inspired. However i feel we are focusing...
  10. Mik3

    Decathlon build

    I have always liked the looks of the American Chamion Xtreme Decathlon so I thought I would try and build one from foam board. My dad and I got together and developed a symmetrical air-foil with the ailerons cut out of the wing once it was made essentially retaining the perfect air-foil. Here...
  11. T

    FT22 "flying" video

    I took my underpowered FT22 out a few days ago and shot some video. I smashed it up pretty good a day or two later, but it's back together and ready to go again.
  12. 4

    Scratchbuilt Chuck Glider

    My 7 year old wants to build a glider out of Dollar Tree Foamboard. (which, when at Dollar Tree with my wife the other day, used his own money to buy a sheet of foam board :-) Dave Powers had some kids glider plans back in the day, but I was thinking something with an airfoiled (sp?) wing would...
  13. Dagger_117

    Flat Foamie, Profile, and Semi-Profile Warbirds

    Hi All. I wanted to start a thread dedicated to flat foamie, profile and semi-profile warbirds. Here we can post plans, tips, tricks, and other ideas all about these cool RC models. If you created some plans feel free to share them as well as your build pics. Happy building!
  14. L

    Turnigy 9x HELPP!!!!!

    Hi everyone, I am building a rc plane similar to the one that flitetest used the the episode breaking glass (FIRST PLANE). I was wondering i have a elevator and a rudder and nothing else. How can i use the elevator to go up and down as well as right and left turns???? I am using a Turnigy/Fly...
  15. ExAir

    Dollar Tree Foambooard Scratchbuild Techniques

    I have produced a series of 20 how-to videos detailing some of the construction techniques I've found useful in working with "Dollar Tree Foamboard" (actually Readi-Board by RL Adams Plastics). I would like to share them here. The idea of the video series is to show ways you can create and...
  16. themajik1

    The Majik1's First Scratch Build

    The Majik1 My First Scratch Build I am building a scratch build high wing plane. No plans, just cutting foam and seeing what works. I have no idea if it will fly or how well, but had some extra foamboard from work and thought I might as well try and build something. Here is what I have so...
  17. Hamdhan


    Hi guys, I have been using cellophane tape for my fomies but it aint doing much good, which tape sticks best on foam? Where can I get it? (any online sites selling it with international shipping?)
  18. JimCR120

    Scratchbuilt Wing-

    Ok, after crashing the Funbat enough times that required more props than I now care to count (though the last crash was a selfless act of mercy to spare the untimely demise of a spankin' new P-40) and also having seen the Joshes flying the Swifts, the Sumo, and the Bonzai I have come to...