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Delaware flyers

i was told by a maintenance guy its ok to fly at Gunningbedford as long as there are no kids there, usually that means weekends but now we.have until September.

Ive been to Lums before im not an AMA mmber. do you know Jon S. long hair, black van converted for his wheel chair.

i have a buddy who flies float planes at a park in Middletown, i fly belly landers therwith him. additionally i know of a couple of other water launch areas around.
lets catch up p/m me.
Hello Delware flyers.
My friends at CrashTestHobby have shipped planes to every state in the Union (as well as plenty in other countries) except for Delaware.
You can check out the planes at www.crashtesthobby.com.
They may be excited enough to hook you up with a discount?
Contact them and tell them you are in Delaware!
You can contact them at crashtesthobby@gmail.com
Go for it!
I'm going to get an assassin sooner or later. I bought an assassin at Lebanon last year but it doesn't fly right on account of too much paint